Project SAIL

Ruth Owens Krusé Educational Center in partnership with Miami Killian Senior High School collaborate to offer a generalization inclusion program. Students are selected based on their ability to actively apply the academic and social skills learned at Krusé. A teacher from Ruth Owens Krusé Educational Center provides support and monitors student progress on a daily basis at Miami Killian High School. The quantity and type of courses offered at Killian is based on the student’s needs and course availability.

Services Provided:

> Transportation
> Ongoing clinical support by a Licensed Clinician
> On-site inclusion teacher supporting instruction
> Weekly parental communication

Program Goals:

> Student remains at the same high school through graduation
>Fully transition the student to the general education program by 11th grade
> More than 50% of the student’s time will be spent with non-disabled peers
> Provide transitional support and assist students in furthering their education beyond high school
> Provide opportunities for students to participate in clubs and other school activities