Project BLOOM

Project BLOOM is a Life Skills Level 3 Program serviced through Miami-Dade County Public Schools. We serve adults 22 and older with developmental delays and/or emotional-behavioral disorders.

Our program has a dedicated team of professionals, including State of Florida Certified Teachers, paraprofessionals, and clinical staff who assist adults to achieve their best level of functioning. We provide a variety of programs and services for our clients to enhance their skills in all areas.


To provide a safe learning environment where adults with developmental delays can grow in self-esteem and confidence and can successfully participate in community activities.

In addition, we will demonstrate to our community that adults with disabilities are vital, loving, and creative individuals who deserve an opportunity to blossom and thrive.

“Our Goal is Growth, not Perfection”


Our school supports clients in their quest to maximize academic, social, and behavioral functioning and to be valued as contributing members of our community.