Ruth Owens Kruse Educational Center is a specialized K-12 school which provides highly specialized educational and therapeutic services to emotionally behaviorally disabled students in grades K-12. Through the use of a structured curriculum that follows the Next Generation  Sunshine State Standards, a comprehensive behavior management system that encompasses positive behavior support (PBS) and a range of clinical services, the program focuses on the social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs of the students.

The ultimate goal is to provide intensive services in order to promote the successful reintegration of students back into the regular school setting in the least restrictive environment.

Family involvement is a key component of the school program. Support services and workshops are available to parents and other family members to enhance student’s performance in school. Parent participation in school activities and organizations such as the Educational Excellence Council (EESAC) and the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is encouraged.

The school staff is comprised of Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, teachers, paraprofessionals, student services staff, school security monitors, and personnel who are highly trained to be sensitive to the unique needs of our exceptional student population.

Overall School Structure:

> Lower pupil teacher ratio

>Mirrors a regular middle/senior school program

> Six periods in a block schedule (3 blocks daily)

> School-wide behavior management program that includes a level system, functional assessments of behavior, behavior intervention plans and positive behavior approaches

> Clinical services infuse throughout the day

Classroom Models:


These classes are staffed with a teacher and paraprofesional. Students move within an interdisciplinary team for specific subject area instruction.


These classes provide close supervision and lower teacher student ratios. All content area subjects are taught by two teachers in a team teaching model.


These classes emphasize a hands-on approach to learning.  Students can excel in areas in which they demonstrate talent or interest.  Course offerings include:  Physical Education, Art, Music, Family and Consumer Sciences, Horticulture, Graphic Arts, and Dance.


Students attend Glades Middle School for one or more subject area classes


Behavior Management Program:

A school-wide highly structured, five level system based on 100 points per day is utilized.  Individualization is addressed through functional assessments of behavior and the development of behavioral intervention plans.  Positive behavior approaches are used.  The student’s social, emotional, and behavioral needs are addressed in their IEP goals and objectives.


Student Services Program:

Multidisciplinary team consisting of school-based school psychologists, a clinical psychologist, clinical social workers, a counselor, art therapist, and a career specialist.  Services provided include: case management, individual, group, and family support services.  Psychiatric consultation, medication management and additional therapeutic services are provided through a contract with Children’s Psychiatric Center.


Academic Program:

Individualized academic program that provides an appropriate learning environment for students depending on grade level, skill, and ability.  Technology is infused throughout the curriculum in all classrooms.  A variety of learning and curricular strategies are utilized such as CRISS, Reciprocal Teaching, Community Based Instruction and HOTSL (Hands-on Traveling Science Lab).  The Next Generation   Sunshine State Standards and Competency-Based Curriculum are followed to ensure high academic standards.  Students are provided a variety of high interest/low level materials including manipulatives and hands-on experiences.  Interdisciplinary teams work closely together to provide consistency for students.  Subject area departments work closely to develop a comprehensive, cohesive scope and sequence for the instructional program.  Students are provided the opportunity to participate in Standardized Assessment Tests and/or Alternative Assessment Tests.