> Specially designed Elementary instruction, modifications ad accommodations to support student learning in all areas in the SPED education environment.

>Collaboration between general educators, special educators and parents who respect each others expertise and difference.

For elementary children with special needs:

> Affords a sense of belonging and membership

> Provides a diverse, stimulating environment in which to learn

> Enables friendship

> Develoment with typical peers

> Enhances self-esteem

> Provides peer models

> Provides opportunities to practive social and language skills access to general education curriculum

For typically developing students:

> Provides opportuinities to experience the diversity of society on a small scale

> Enables greater acceptances of diffeences and sensitivity towards others

>Understanding of the strengths and weakneses we all have

> Increase abilities to help and teach all classmates

> Develops empathy

> Provides a diverse pool of classmates from which to make friends

For teachers:

> Further appreciation of diversity

> Increases ways of creatively addressing challenges

> Develops collaborative problem-solving skills and teamwork

> Allows general and special education teachers to better understand each others’ curriculum and menthods

> Increases communication between teachers and builds community

> Presence of special education staff benefits all children in the class