Cleanliness, personal appearance, and proper dress are important in setting the pattern of school and social conduct. Proper grooming is encouraged at all times. The following guidelines should be followed:

1. Hats, sunglasses, and bandannas are not permitted.
2. Tube tops, see through blouses, bare-backs, bare midriffs, fish net jerseys, halter tops or tank tops are not permitted.
3. Clothing with written messages, symbols or pictures which portrays ideas which are contrary to the best interest of the health, safety and welfare of students.
4. Clothing with metal studs, ornaments, or objects which could scratch furniture or cause damage may not be worn.
5. Miniskirts and short shorts are not allowed.
6. Pants are to be worn at the waist with a belt, if needed.
7. Weapons, radios, game cartridges, or other game related items are not permitted. Confiscated items will remain at school until parent/guardian comes to pick them up.
8. Valuable items such as jewelry, cameras, etc., should not be brought to school. Chains around the neck are not permitted. Kruse’s staff cannot be responsible for the safe keeping of such items. Money should only be brought to school for purchase of lunch items or for scheduled field trips.
9. Level 1 & 2 students are NOT permitted to bring bookbags. When a student reaches Level 3, they will be permitted to bring a book bag to school according to the individual with Team permission.